Doubled holds better

I have gethought, it would be very nice, a report over our double-club-championsship with partner-vote to writing, who also our international visitors can read and understanding.

I’m now already sorry, my english is under all female pig, but maybe have you that anyway already detected. But if you think that holds me off, you are on the woodway!

So, what in the hall happened at this besaid friday was, that themselves 18 players meet, ifwell it has hot outtemperatures of over 30°C, to play a bit of table tennis, onerpages to fun as also as a bit of a general-sample for the beforestanding season.

This Nine constellations have themselves together found:

Volkert / Bartaun

Schäfer / Nicklas

Riedel / Häberlein D.

Bauer M / Bauer H

Koch G./ Wallinger

Wening / Simon

Weiner / Meier

Häberlein S / Hirschmann

Koch D. / Wrodarczyk

The chosen modus was one group, everyone against everyone.

Clear winner without any downlayings were our youngsters Schäfer / Nicklas.

Gefollowed of Volkert / Bartaun that had two games to hand over.

After them follow three pairs with the same match-ratio 5:3 and with je only one game difference:

The Farmer-Team was the best of the three, then follow Wening / Simon on the fourth place and endly Riedel / Häberlein D. that cleary behind the expectations stayed.

Following the Team with the most Experience in playing together: Koch G. / Wallinger

Then come Weiner / Meier, Häberlein S / Hirschmann and Koch D. / Wrodarczyk.

Too when me for my part was not satisfied with my playing , it  was really not the yellow from the egg, was it still fun and I must else something los-becoming:

Thanks to Wolfgang Wening for outturning the Club-Championsship. It makes always great fun to play with and it is one big ground that there is not dead trousers at our Club like maybe in others.

I hope you didn’t only understand trainstation and had fun to read it 😛

Here else a pair Pictures:

Die Sieger 5. Platz für Riedel / Häberlein

Koch / Wallinger - Jahrzehnte lange Erfahrung Die Bauers

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